Performance Management for Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV

Performance Management for SQL Server and Dynamics Business Central

Performance management of Dynamics NAV / Dynamics Business Central solutions and the SQL Server to ensure optimal operational capability, we always recommend to our customers. Should you need a little extra help e.g. with the Identify performance bottlenecks Ihrer BC / NAV Lösung benötigen, steht Ihnen unser professionelles Team auf Stundenbasis oder im Rahmen eines unserer Servicepakete zur Verfügung.

V8 Search XE

Analyze your Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV solution for performance issues with V8 Search XE.

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The Monitoring of Dynamics Business Central / Dynamics NAV solutions and the SQL Server has long since become a widespread tool for monitoring and maintaining IT systems. Especially with regard to performance, monitoring solutions are gaining more and more importance and are indispensable for the smooth operation of ERP systems such as Dynamics NAV/D365BC.

V8 Search XE Version 4

Less guessing, more facts

V8 Search XE 4 has a powerful set of tools for automatic AL source code analysis of Dynamics Business Central performance problems. The V8 Performance Profiler gives you the ability to see in real time the Dynamics objects that are causing locks in tables or timeout.

Event tracing provides detailed information about what is happening on the Business Central server and in the application when users are working with Business Central. This can help you identify and analyze issues or conditions that are impacting performance.

Live monitoring of Business Central servers with V8 services

Mit der „Live“ Ereignisablaufverfolgung von V8 Search XE können Sie Business Central Server dynamisch überwachen, ohne den Server oder die Business Central-Clients neu starten zu müssen. Mit dem V8 Client für die Ereignisablaufverfolgung können Sie Ereignisablaufverfolgungssitzungen starten und stoppen und dann die Ablaufverfolgungsereignisdaten aus der V8 Datenbank anzeigen.

Sie können die Ereignisablaufverfolgung verwenden, um die folgenden Vorgänge auf Business Central Server-Instanzen zu verfolgen:

  • Ausführen von Business Central-Berichten, Abfragen und XMLports.
  • Ausführung von SQL-Anweisungen durch Business Central Server.
  • Ausführung von AL-Funktionen.
  • Telemetrie.
  • Ereignisse im Windows-Ereignisprotokoll.

Find and fix errors quickly

Performance Analyse ist nicht gerade Ihre Lieblingsbeschäftigung?
Das könnte sich ändern. Das integrierte Suchmodul in V8 Search XE ist jetzt noch intelligenter.

You get higher performance than ever before, for example, for the following tasks:

  • Fix problems wherever V8 Search XE shows them, whether in SQL Server or AL source code.
  • Fix problems wherever V8 Search XE shows them, whether in SQL Server or AL source code.
  • Connect SQL Server to the Dynamics Business Central world easily and quickly.

V8 Performance Toolkit. It’ll blow your mind.

The V8 Performance Toolkit (V8PT) is part of V8 Search XE and consists of performance monitoring tools that provide detailed performance profiles of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV ERP applications.

Components of the V8 Performance Toolkit:
The V8 Performance Toolkit consists of two independent tools:
V8 Performance Recorder (V8PR) and V8 Performance Analyzer (V8PA). Basic procedures and a detailed walkthrough can be found in the V8 Search XE Help.

V8 Performance Toolkit

Oh yeah, it’s that good. See for yourself.

V8PR (V8 Services) is a powerful recording tool that creates event trace records for Windows (ETW). You can run V8PR from the V8 Search XE user interface or from the command line. V8PR provides built-in profiles that allow you to select the specific events for Dynamics NAV Server instances to be recorded. Alternatively, you can create custom profiles in XML.
V8PR can also be invoked and controlled using the V8PRControl API (Application Programming Interface). You can easily generate a recording using the V8PR User Interface (UI). Use built-in recording profiles to analyze table locks (BL), deadlocks (DL), long durations (LD), poor system or application performance, or other SQL Server performance issues associated with Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV.
V8PR stores all events in the V8 database.

V8 Performance Recorder

And lastly, this one.
V8 Performance Analyzer!

V8PA is a powerful analysis tool that combines a very flexible user interface with comprehensive features and data tables that can be pivoted and have full text search capabilities. V8 Performance Analyzer visualizes tracings from V8 Performance Recorder as charts and tables so you can analyze Dynamics 365 BC / NAV system and application performance.

Using Scenario to Measure Performance:
You can use performance measurements to record common scenarios such as table locks. You can also select different scenarios together for recording. The new functionality of analyzing event trace data can be run from the Blockings, Deadlocks and Long Durations dialog boxes.


V8 Performance Analyzer


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