Why is Dynamics NAV slow part 2

Why is Dynamics NAV slow part 2

Why is Dynamics NAV slow part 2 - we would like to once again bring up the topic for you. The new view of things.

Imagine having a experienced Dynamics NAV partner for the topic of functionalities and customizations in Dynamics NAV, who knows that he has to earn your trust every day. A partner who understands your needs, plans, builds and implements the appropriate solutions.

After some time, NAV often runs very sluggishly, and that in time-critical situations of all things? You have invested a lot to build your ERP system. Time, money and resources have been used, but as soon as you call item card in NAV... you are already annoyed!
Why - because you waited a perceived eternity for the data to be visible. Or important information on orders from the connected web store are not processed quickly... does this sound familiar to you?
Since the NAV system is "live", the support of the ERP system by the on-site partner works only very ...

And what do most Dynamics NAV managers in the company do?

Little to nothing. You talk to the NAV partner. But he can't really get to grips with the problems either. And now? Search for a new Dynamics NAV partner? Search for the "1-click program" for NAV problems on the web?

There is no "one click everything will be fine solution" for NAV problems!!!!

NAV performance optimization tools are unfortunately not so many on the software market. Why actually? Quite simply - it's a gratuitous job to develop something like that. Nevertheless, we develop new products for you with our creativity and passion.

For example, our latest tool V8 Search XE - Dynamics NAV and SQL Server Performance Anaylzer. Why such a new mammoth task again?

"Because we love it... and we're a little nuts!"

Since 2012, with introduction of Dynamics NAV 2013, we have had a vision full of vigor and enthusiasm - to develop tools for Dynamics NAV and SQL Server to make life easier. We planned a whole product line called "Vision 8" . The eight in the name is actually not a "8" but a infinity sign "∞" (could be badly displayed when writing).

Why is Dynamics NAV slow part 2

Companies should focus on the needs of the user during product development. Ideally, the user will find the product useful and easy to use.

Make it simple: It's so easy to say. In reality, simplicity is often the more difficult task.

The challenge lies in the functional diversity of a "NAV Performance Analyzer

The fact that user-centered product development has become increasingly important in companies, especially in recent years, is due to the growing complexity of products such as Dynamics NAV and the SQL Server in users' everyday work.

The more complex the IT infrastructure, the more difficult it is to keep it high-performance and secure. Can high availability for critical enterprise software such as Dynamics NAV still be guaranteed at all? And what possibilities are there to simplify the complex topic of performance analysis?

There are a variety of tools for performance monitoring and optimization of SQL servers. Free monitoring tools with tips, tricks and know-how for performance problems - alternatives to expensive, large and complex IT infrastructure monster tools.

Whether free or expensive; will these tools help you with table locks or NAV clients that don't respond?


What exactly is the V8 Search XE tool and what makes it so special? What makes V8 Search XE different from other similar diagnostic tools - which actually don't exist; or have you found one on the Internet?

Why is Dynamics NAV slow Part 2 - Conclusion

No matter which way you choose, you should end up making your Dynamics NAV system fit for the future...
So why not go with V8 Search XE ...

We will be happy to personally answer any further questions you may have on this topic.
Your dynamicsproject.com Team

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