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Why you should outsource your performance analysis for Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV with SQL Servers?

As an external service provider, we need to be constantly up-to-date with our V8 service offering. We can recommend new things from the market and bring the sum of our experience of optimizing Dynamics NAV solutions. This will affect your costs, future alignment and functionality of your SQL Server landscape with the Dynamics ERP system.

Consider the following:

Can internal employees have the same level of knowledge as employees of a company that does nothing but performance optimization?
Can you access an entire team of IT specialists internally?
Can I myself optimally set up my Dynamics NAV solution for users if I have few or no IT specialists?
Who can advise you internally optimally and competently on Dynamics ERP and SQL Server?
Who can judge how well the internal IT is positioned for this topic?
The list can be continued at will...

When you become a customer of V8 Services - you never have to think about all these questions again - we just do it!

IT Outsourcing is expensive ...

This is true for those who calculate incorrectly. So that one can compare internal IT costs with external service provider costs, these must be identical, complete and comparable.
All costs are compared with our invoice - and we only charge for the time we have been working for you. Think again!

Our V8 Service Models

We offer service and billing models tailored to your needs. Basically, we distinguish three different V8 service models, which only differ in the scope of services.
All V8 service models have in common that you can expect individually agreed services at previously defined interfaces with standardized processes of performance analysis for Dynamics Businnes Central/ NAV and SQL Server.

 V8 360° Full-Service

In this model we take over the complete performance analysis and optimization measures for your SQL Server and your Dynamics Businnes Central/NAV. You control and manage - we execute the assigned tasks according to our proven best practices. You can choose the billing model that suits you best.

Features of this V8 service model:

  • No more IT staff needed to analyze performance issues
  • One contact for performance issues
  • Regular monthly activity report
  • Combination with V8 Search XE Anaylse software possible
  • Responsibility for the performance of your Dynamics ERP solution is borne by us (in case of flat rate)
  • Cost center accurate accounting possible

 V8 180° Segment-Service

Partial Responsibility. The V8 180° segment service model is the model you can choose if you want to continue to run your performance analysis/optimization under your own direction and responsibility, but are looking for additional support from your IT team. In this model we take over from your IT a clearly outlined and defined task area of performance optimization for your SQL Server and your Dynamics Businnes Central/NAV. We are then, so to speak, "your new employee" in the IT department with a fixed-term employment contract. We integrate ourselves into your operational processes, so that you can benefit from our assistance in the shortest possible time without major process-related migration efforts.

Features of this V8 service model:

  • Possibility of outsourcing subareas
  • One contact for outsourced activities
  • Regular monthly activity report
  • Combination with V8 Search XE Anaylse software possible
  • Responsibility for the performance of your Dynamics ERP solution is shared

 V8 90° Special-Service

IT specialists on call. Our V8 90° Special Service is essentially characterized by the fact that we simply provide additional IT know-how for performance analysis and optimization on an hourly basis. If, for example, you have problems with your Dynamics ERP solution, but your Dynamics partner IT service cannot cope with this in terms of personnel and time in addition to the daily business, we will provide you in this case with the necessary personnel as well as our know-how and experience.

Features of this V8 service model:

  • IT specialists, IT know-how and experience on call
  • Covering work peaks of your IT partners
  • Regular monthly activity report
  • Detailed times report
  • Responsibility for the performance of your Dynamics ERP solution at the customer site

Teamwork and integration - values for your success!

The pillars of our success: For us, IT consulting always means teamwork and integration of all parties involved. The integration of your partners and employees in an IT consulting project is a matter of course for us and incidentally guarantees an optimal process.

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