If you decide that a professional monitoring / analysis solution is right for you, Dynamicsproject.com can support you with V8 Search XE. V8 Search XE is a .Net analysis solution for performance monitoring of your SQL Server and Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV solution.

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You will finally be able to answer the question: "Which Dynamics NAV / BC user locks the table!"

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You have countless possibilities to analyse the performance of your SQL Server and Dynamics NAV / 365 BC code.

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Monitoring, diagnosis and optimization of SQL Servers / Dynamics C/AL operations with V8 Search XE.

V8 Search XE | Using the V8 Search XE diagnostic tools and the new V8 XE Profiler, you can easily view the execution history of your Dynamics NAV C/AL programming and the resulting SQL Server TSQL transaction in a live streaming view.

The V8 Perf Analyzer is a feature of V8 Search XEthat provides a live display window with extended events that show table locking and deadlocks in Business Central / NAV.
Use the comprehensive Vision 8 profiler tool without the debugger to gain far-reaching insights into the performance of your Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV solution, including CPU, GPU and memory utilisation and SQL Server network usage.

 Profiling and diagnostics.

Quickly find bugs in your Dynamics NAV solution and non-optimal configurations of SQL Server. While your NAV enterprise solution is live, you can retrieve information that will help you identify performance issues with your application.

 Why should you use the new V8 XE Profiler?

Unlike the SQL Profiler, the V8 Perf Analyzer is directly integrated into V8 Search XE and is based on the scalable technology for extended events in the SQL module of the SQL Server.
This new feature in V8 Search XE provides quick access to a live streaming view for diagnostic events such as table locking or deadlocks in SQL Server caused by Dynamics NAV. V8 Search XE is the evolution of V8 Monitor. The session created by the V8 Perf Analyzer interferes with SQL Server execution to a lesser extent than a similar SQL trace created using the SQL Profiler.

 Understanding and solving blocking issues SQL Server and Dynamics NAV/D365BC

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server manages communication between Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients and Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases in SQL Server. The NAV Server uses an ADO.NET interface, which is a managed data access layer that supports SQL Server connection pooling. Each connection is displayed as a session ID (SPID). Each of these SPIDs is often referred to as a process but not a separate process context in the usual sense. Instead, each SPID consists of server resources and data structures of requests required by a single connection of a particular client. A Dynamics NAV client may have one or more connections to the NAV server. From SQL Server's perspective, there is no difference between a single Dynamics NAV client to a single computer and multiple connections from multiple Dynamics NAV clients or multiple client computers. One connection can block another connection, regardless of whether they originate from the same application or separate programs on two different client computers.
The problem - which Windows user has which connection (SPID), as the management of three-tier Microsoft Dynamics NAV architecture is used. That is, there is always NAV Server connected to SQL Server and thus the Windows user of the NAV service application is always displayed.

Viewing Lock Information in SQL Server (Database Module) with V8 XE Profiler

V8 XE Profiler provides several ways to retrieve information about current lock activity in an instance of SQL Server Database Engine (database module) and the Dynamics NAV clients.

This overview describes the reasons for using this V8 XE Profiler, its main features, and how to get started viewing advanced events.

1. open SQL transactions

You can use the " Open SQL transactions" to get information about the current lock status in a SPID.

2. Blocking

Determine which queries contain locks.

3. Deadlocks

Deadlocks occur when multiple tasks permanently block each other because each of the tasks maintains a lock on a resource that the other tasks are trying to lock.

4. Long Duration

SQL queries (Very slow - take several minutes instead of fractions of a second).

5. NAV Windows User Name (SPID)*

Since Dynamics NAV 2013 there is a function to display C/AL call stacks for SQL commands. Here you can see, for example, which user uses which SPID at which time.

6. Full SQL Trace**

When you enable SQL trace, SQL Server events are captured for selected sessions on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance.

*V8 Windows Service

Each Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Instance in use requires a V8 Windows Service to monitor deadlocks, SPIDs and which queries contain locks on the SQL Server. With the V8 services Dynamics NAV C/AL functions and SQL statements can be displayed simultaneously.


V8 Search XE Whitepaper

This white paper (the whitepaper is in German) describes functionality and system requirement for V8 Search XE.

V8 Search XE Whitepaper (DE)
V8 Search XE Whitepaper (EN)

System requirements

Unterstützte Dynamics NAV Versionen (On Premise)

  • NAV 2015
  • NAV 2016
  • NAV 2017
  • NAV 2018

Unterstützte Dynamics Business Central Versionen (On Premise)

  • Business Central 12
  • Business Central 13
  • Business Central 14
  • Business Central 15
  • Business Central 16
  • Business Central 17
  • Business Central 18
  • Business Central 19
  • Business Central 20
  • Business Central 21
  • Business Central 22

Required Dynamics NAV / Business Central licenses C/AL (C/SIDE Application Language)

  • Application Builder
  • or
  • Solution Developer


Operating systems supported

  • Windows Server 2022 (x64)
  • Windows Server 2019 (x64)
  • Windows Server 2016 (x64)
  • Windows 10 (x64)
  • Windows 11 (x64)


Unterstützte Microsoft SQL Server

  • SQL Server 2014
  • SQL Server 2016
  • SQL Server 2017
  • SQL Server 2019
  • SQL Server 2022
  • —————
  • Azure SQL Server

Software requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or higher
  • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS – Version 19.2) oder höher
  • SQL Server 2019 Express with Advanced Services or higher
  • Power BI Desktop (Optional)

Hardware requirements

  • Processor with 2.8 GHz or faster
  • at least 16 GB RAM
  • min. 20 GB available hard disk space

Required Dynamics NAV objects (must be provided by the user!)

  • 1 Codeunit


  • Use an administrator account to install, uninstall and start V8 Search XE.
  • To start V8SEAXE as administrator, hold down the "Ctrl" and "Shift" keys and click on the respective program icon. The program will start in administrator mode.

V8 Search XE is only available in English language!

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