V8 Search XE Software Version History

Installieren Sie immer die neusten Updates, um die Sicherheit und Leistung von Vision 8 Produkten zu verbessern.


V8 Search XE Release Notes

Last updated 11 November 2020

  • DPFE-2011001 The search module was extended. From this version on, dynamics 365 BC /NAV extension can be searched as source code.
    The import module for importing dynamics 365 BC /NAV extension was completely revised.

V8 Search XE Release Notes

Last updated 25 Oktober 2020

  • DPFI-2010006 Bugfix – When opening the dialog boxes with an SQL query plan, the graphic view was frozen.

V8 Search XE Release Notes

Last updated 21 Oktober 2020

  • DPFI-2010005 Bugfix – The display of the number of deadlocks caused an error in the graphical display.

V8 Search XE Release Notes

Last updated 19 Oktober 2020

  • DPFI-2010003 Bugfix – in various fonts were displayed incorrectly.
  • DPFI-2010004 Bugfix – Display error in the modal filter dialog.

V8 Search XE Release Notes

Last updated 13 Oktober 2020

  • DPFI-2010002 Bugfix – in various fonts were displayed incorrectly.
  • DPFE-2010001 From this version on data can be displayed in power bi desktop. In the installation directory there is a template which can be started from GUI.

V8 Search XE 3.0.1 Release Notes

Last updated 08 Oktober 2020

  • DPFI-2010001 Bug in Sql Formatter.

V8 Search XE 2.4.9 Release Notes

Last updated 08 July 2020

  • DPFE-2006003 The analysis function in the search module was optimized. The search parameters provide a better search result.
  • DPFE-2006004 The search result in the tree view can be imported or exported as xml file.

V8 Search XE 2.4.8 Release Notes

Last updated 06 June 2020

  • DPFI-2006001 V8 Search XE crashes when opening the SQL query plan.
  • DPFI-2006002 TSQL Editor problems with shortcut

    • CTRL+F8 (Index Table)
    • CTRL+F9 (Index Views)
    • CTRL+F10 (Statistics Table | Views)

V8 Search XE 2.4.5 Release Notes

Last updated 18 March 2020

  • DPFE-2003001 The new V8 XELoader. This V8 Search XE utility allows the contents of V8_FullSQL_NAV_Trace*.xel extended event files to be quickly loaded into a SQL Server database.
  • DPFE-2003002 The Query Plan Visualizer provides a graphical representation of the execution plan of an SQL statement for various queries in V8 Search XE. The plan used by the query optimizer is displayed in the results area on the Query Plan Visualizer tab.
  • DPFI-2003001 In the Timeline dialog, the “cancel” command did not stop the task display.

V8 Search XE 2.4.0 Release Notes

Last updated 01 March 2020

  • DPFE-2002001 The product help was updated and partly revised.
  • DPFE-2002002 Backing Up and Restoring Configuration Files.
  • DPFE-2002003 Animated Notifications/Alerts/Pop-ups.
  • DPFE-2002004 The search module is now controlled via the “Search” menu in the main window.
  • DPFI-2002001 When opening the date filter for a record, an incorrect date was generated for filtering. This resulted in errors in the display.
  • DPFI-2002002 The MetaData document window could not be closed with the tab button “Close”.
  • DPFI-2002003 Canceling a task in the Tool window “Progress” generated an error message. The task could not be canceled.

V8 Search XE 2.3.0 Release Notes

Last updated 22 January 2020

  • DPFE-2001001 A new module for charts was implemented (deadlocks etc.).
  • DPFE-2001002 On the Dashborad site, 3 new “chart” modules have been implemented for the “blocking” section.
  • DPFE-2001003 For various functions 8 new tables must be created on the “V8 Search Database”.
  • DPFE-2001004 The search function was extended by the “exteneted search” to achieve even better “search results” in the Dynamics NAV/BC AL Code.
  • DPFE-2001005 There is now also the possibility to import Dynamics metadata objects for the source code search.
  • DPFI-2001001 Fixed: After installation there were problems with the XE.Core.dll when importing the collected data.
  • DPFI-2001002 Fixed: The Scheduler button could not be used after creating the table.
  • DPFI-2001003 Fixed: The “SQLhandle” search on the TSQL page.
  • DPFI-2001004 Fixed: A problem with the XE Profiler “Live Watching” and the default SQL Server (Service Broker) has been fixed.
  • DPFI-2001005 Fixed: On the dashboard page the user settings for hiding the individual panels were not saved.